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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Throughout history, every dramatic love story follows a similar thematic sequence. Unfulfilled love. The trials and tribulations of our beloved characters, are spewed across pages and silver screens, for our entertainment. We read/watch with hungry eyes, as the lovers' pain unfold. Trying to be with those they can not live without, even at the risk of death. The fantasy so real to us, we may even be fooled by the ideals of "eternity"; that we will never stop loving another.

We idolize this need for ever-lasting, non-discriminating love. Yet in most modern relationships, they become failed as soon as things become difficult. Affairs, lack of financial security, lack of emotional security, different ideas about parenting... If Romeo and Juliet had survived their fate, and were arguing over mortgage bills and whose turn it was to take their kids to soccer practice, would we still find their tale so romantic? Probably not. Or if they survived their marriage for 20 years and realized they were both having affairs, would we still believe their "true love" existed?

Can passion and sex translate into "marriage"? Can our lovers remain fresh to us, like a well-lit morning?

When you visualize your life-long companion, they are probably not lying next to you, looking aged beneath dirty sheets, with the smell of cigarettes and wine on their breath. To embrace the flawed-version and discard the too-good-to-be-true imposter that once stood in their place, you must trust in something far-short of non-perfection. To place stock in a faulty system is down-right ludacris. But what is "marriage"?

We need to hope that wearing your heart and soul on your sleeve, in all kinds of weather, makes you worthy of something good, like another's unconditional love; a karmic relationship. So, the reward for self-sacrifice, must be love..right?

Nietzsche said it best: "There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness."

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