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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Which One Are You?: The Bee, the Spider, or the Rose

Not long ago, my therapist handed me a photograph in one of our sessions. In the picture there was this beautiful, fuschia-colored rose. And on that rose there was this large, green spider devouring a bumble bee. Knowing that I enjoy writing, she asked me to write a story about this photo, as a metaphor to how I perceive life. The cynic I am, laughed and said "okay", knowing full-well that my fatastical mind could conjure up all sorts of hypotheticals. It seemed a simple task, but then she asked me to choose which one of these beings, was me; the rose, the bee, or the spider? And so this is how the story unfolded:

Along a coastal shore there stood a sea rose bush. It had grown in this spot for many years, laying its roots in the salty soil. Braving weather changes and tidal patterns, this sea bush entwined itself into a safe haven and thicket, where pink rose buds blossomed and grew.

Amongst the briars there also lived other life; a bee and a spider. The bee was naïve and curious, buzzing from one flower to the next without a care in its world. The bee enjoyed the nectar of the bush, never fully committing to one superior rose or another. The bee was free, with little dictation other than its own instinct.

The spider however, chose to live in the enveloping petals of one rose. The spider chose this rose without question, for it was the most beautiful and grand. And while the bee lived on a whim, the spider chose each target without hesitation or mercy; following its genetic disposition.

One day, unlike any other, the bee was buzzing along and came across the spider. The spider asked the bee,

“Why have you landed here? Don’t you know this is my rose?”

The bee sweetly responded,

“I didn’t realize this was your rose. It looked so beautiful from a distance. I had to see for myself what it offered.”

Offended the spider said,

“You are imposing on my space. Either you find your own rose or this will not be a happy fate for you.”

The bee laughed,

“You can’t possess this rose. It’s not yours to own. This rose is to be shared and appreciated.”

As the bee turned to leave, its wing got stuck in the sticky web of the spider.

The spider consumed the bee and every bee that came after, never sharing the rose with another. Then one day the spider died and it was never known if it was a stomach ache or sheer loneliness.

The rose continued to exist as it always had; watching creatures come and go, fight, and make love, without interference and a sense of humor.

So, which one are you?

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