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Monday, August 31, 2009


PhotobucketBought a fish today. Named him Ceres, like the dwarf-planet and the Roman, earth goddess. I figured the name was androgynous enough to get away with, but it also got me thinking.

(Yes, and he speaks French. If I could buy him a beret, a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes, I would)
According to Wikipedia, Daid Bowie was the pioneer of androgyny in popular culture. And after Labyrinth and white spandex, the title was surely deserved. Pyschologist and theorist Carl Jung, described androgyny as "the balance of anima and animus". Basically, the ying and yang of gender studies. Anima is the feminine inner-personality of the unconscious male. And its counterpart animus, is the masculine inner-personality of the unconsious female.

Androgyny really suits betta fish, as it does for many creatures in the animal kingdom. Where the male betta is of a larger size to the female betta, it also has more colorful scales and fins, creating an aura of flamboyance.

Other male species that display their beauty are:



Many of the characteristic differences between male and female species, are from the existance of sexual dimorphism in the natural world. Examples of female breeds out-showing males exist as well, obviously seen among humans, but also among birds, reptiles, other mammalians, and even in insects. For example:

PhotobucketIt all comes down to physical attractiveness, mate selection, and breeding. It seems that humans really aren't the only ones guilty of being shallow and who judge others based on "face value". All of God's creatures do it, on some level or another.

So, let men be pretty and women strong-featured, and we will all live in one, big harmonious bliss. Happy mating!

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