Living in Frames, by meshing the lyrical moments of life with the captured images of experience. This is a reverie, a journey, the fork in the road, and the never-ending story....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


"It doesn't like it
when you don't stay inside the box,"
the man with the double-chin said,
while I was signing for my purchase.

"But that's the best part of life,"
I said.

He smiled a little.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here, There, Now: A Transitory Life

I like to think about what I was in another life; a conquistador, a gypsy, a migratory bird. I have found through the years that I don't know how to stay settled, but I am quite comfortable being transitory. It's in my blood to always be moving, changing, learning, and growing. To some this may seem pathological, but I can't imagine an existence any other way.

It began at an early age. Only one year into my life, my parents moved me from Alabama where I was born, to New Hampshire, then from there my itinerary went something like this: New Hampshire to Maine, to Vermont, to Pennsylvania, back to Vermont, back to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and back to New Hampshire again. I didn't have the house I was raised in, I had ten, and I am grateful for each and every one of them.

There is a beauty to change, yet so many fear it. The secret for me has always been, to make the best of any circumstance I get put in, (or put myself in). It's an if- I -am -here-I -might- as- well- enjoy -myself, sort of mentality. I treasure meeting new people and hearing their stories. (This must be the writer inside me, making an appearance). I fall in love with people all the time and not in a lustful, romantic way, but in the way in which they will forever be valued as an important presence in my life.

What's always been kind of funny to me, is when I try to imagine how others perceive me. I am the girl that floated through their lives and went on to other things. This only holds part of the truth you see, because I may have been a passer-through or passerby, but I was certainly never wistful in my adventures. Relationships have been the only constant in my life and I cherish these bonds, just as I cherish my belief in something larger than myself.

Another fascinating element to never being stationary is that with every place you go, you can try on various personas. I've tried on many hats and it usually changes with those I surround myself with. I believe in osmosis when it comes to human interactions; we are constantly influenced by our surroundings. We feed off each other and inspire one another, and depending on the situation, it can have its advantages or disappointments. I have yet to regret meeting anyone, but I have a handful of lessons learned.

From all the travels and the changes, the loves and the losses, there is one thing that is certain; life is about change. It's the phoenix rising again and again, it's the cast change of a play, it's improvisation in art, it's the reincarnation of the soul. And ultimately it's how well you ride life's tail winds, even when you don't know which way the wind will blow.

I am very excited for this new year and what it may bring. I wish you all a wondrous ride, too.
Here's to 2010!

Peace, Love, & Art.