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Sunday, April 17, 2011

People and their Palates

I don't call myself a "foodie", maybe because the nickname has the ring to it of an amateur obsession, something akin to hot dog "puppy love" or orange "crush" soda. Not to minimize the absolute and apparent fondness people do have toward their gastronomic hobbies, but having worked with the presentation of food and wine in the restaurant industry for the last ten years, I know from personal experience that "foodies" are a dreaded breed of diners. Self-proclaimed experts in the art of tasting, they are the first to tell their friends and family, or the unfortunate server (or sometimes even the chef), that they know what something or another is "supposed to taste like", and the last to recognize how tactless their public assertions sound.

I love food as much as the next cup-of-Joe, to the extent of being known as the "skinniest fat girl" my friends know, and often being unabashedly caught taking glamour shots of my most delicious selections. Like any ongoing love affair, no one can understand the magnitude of attraction experienced when you're temptations and tastebuds are allowed to run wild for a dish, or perfectly paired wine or cocktail set before you.

It's all really a matter of subjectivity. Just like no two people can see eye-to-eye, no two peoples' sense of smell or taste are the exact same either. So, how do these foodies know what something is "supposed to taste like"? Is it some special sixth sense that an elite group are so fortunate to be given? Or is it their pride in having access to fine cuisine, which has formed their beliefs.

(Because if I had that sort of talent, I would want to be hired as paid quality control for some of my favorite places to indulge, and ditch trying to write about it.)

Instead I get to settle for traveling around, from place to place, from restaurant to restaurant, digging my fork in wherever I can. Snapping photos of some of the sexiest things ever served on a plate. And quietly loving my food, because when it comes down to it, I can't really share with anyone how it makes my mouth and stomach feel all good inside.

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