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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pocket-Sized Finds from the Vineyard

I was thinking a little more about my previous blog, and about that white egg-sized stone I picked up on the beach in Martha's Vineyard. It sits next to me on my desk, as I write this. I have a tin box full of handheld objects that I have accumulated over the years, each one symbolizing an experience, a moment in time, or just the feel of a place I want to remember. Usually when I travel, I spend most of my money and effort searching for gifts for my friends and family, because for me I am the fortunate one who got to go there, experience it, and take hundreds of photos that will last me a lifetime. So, when I do come home from a trip, I find myself emptying my pockets of the slighter things, the things I would only appreciate with the right context or nostalgic mood. I've begun to believe this is a symptom of moving around so much, how I try to minimize the heft of material possessions to stay in a mobile mentality. If an artifact I come across can fit into that portable tin, then it is a perfect memento for me.

On Martha's Vineyard there are three wonderful stores, which I can never seem to leave empty-handed. First, there is Alley's General Store out in West Tisbury, right across the street from the Field Gallery. Built in the late 1800's, this place is a landmark to on and off-islanders alike. Whether it is for fresh produce, gourmet chocolates, a postcard, or a little kitschy fun, you can spend a good hour looking through their dry goods and grocery selection. Next stop is Rainy Day located in Vineyard Haven, off the main drag. This is a great place to find gifts, especially in the realm of house decor, novelty, and spa/beauty care. Every time I go into this shop I feel as though I am surrounded by the pieces of a windchime made from the most delicate shards of beach glass. It's welcoming and ethereal. Then right up the street from Rainy Day, there is Mix. Similar to Rainy Day, but with its own personality. Its true to its name, with a mishmash of vintage and collectible stuff.

Here are a couple of things I have since added to the box:

A 3 in. ikat textile notebook. These woven Indonesian motifs are believed to be infused with magical powers, and can symbolize power, wealth, or prestige.

Mirror with hula dancer, can fit in your wallet, or between the pages of a book.

Nose pencil sharpener & ear paper clip.

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