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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oysters & Barry White.

Out of all the forms of art that exist, (and there are many, aside from the obvious), for me the two that generate the most immediate visceral and connective response are music and the culinary arts. I find this interesting, since the cognitive break-down of music (perceiving pitch, parts of harmony, melody and rhythm) is done with a different part (lobe) of the brain than that which processes the presentation and flavors responsible for my ever-present appetite (smell & taste sensory). But when it comes to the emotional reactors, they are the same; stimulated predominantly on my right-side. So, you can imagine all the neurons that get fired off when you listen to music over a candlelit dinner. No wonder this is such an intimate setting; we are complete slaves to sensation. Oysters and Barry White, anyone?

When I hear a song randomly, whether it comes on my Ipod shuffle or over the radio (yes, I still listen to the radio), and the musician's tempo and voice is conducive to a mood, and the lyrics speak to a specific feeling I am having right then, I can't help but feel vulnerable to its force. This can occur for me in reading too, but typically I have to work a bit harder to dissect the language and get that same emotional response. (The first time I ever cried over a book, was only a couple years ago. But when I think of all the songs I have cried to since I discovered heartache...)
On that note.. this is the song of the day, of the week, maybe even the month for me, or maybe just for the time being at least.
Read the lyrics first, then listen. Try to recognize what's going on in that brain of yours (read vs. heard sung). What does it relate to for you? What chords does it hit?

I would like to believe this is the power of the arts, why they are needed, like air. They remind us we are human, capable of feeling bigger things than our physical containers can sometimes hold...

"Signed myself out today
Sent a letter far away
Said baby I'll be good someday
Gonna try again tomorrow
Try again tomorrow
I couldn't take that sterile place
In those rooms I lost my face
And in the end they couldn't sell me grace
And they can't sell me tomorrow
Can't sell me tomorrow
We can be strong... "

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