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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reverse Psychology

Epiphany: My approach to this writing thing has been inhibited drastically by worrying about where I should send it, where it's going to end up, and who is going to read it anyways. So, I am making it my mission to put tape on that little voice in my head's mouth, when it feels like chiming in in its whiney, undermining way. I've never posted "self-reminder" notes before, but I've given in tonight. Right above my desk, on that blank wall space I look at every single evening, there is now a blaring notice telling me to: "JUST WRITE! WHO CARES IF NO ONE READS IT (EXCEPT YOUR MOTHER), WHO CARES IF NO ONE PUBLISHES IT, WHOS CARES IF IT SUCKS, THE ONLY PERSON THAT TRULY HAS CONTROL OVER THE PAGE IS YOU!!!"

Hopefully, I look at this every time I sit down now and think, "What are you going to do tonight Sarah?" Instead of, "What do people want to read about?" I know I am personally of the breed, if I change my mindset about anything, I stick to it and I will put in the hours. Adjusting my thought process is typically the toughest battle, but when I do, I make the conscious effort to define my new motivation and the shiny, bouncy ball changes directions again--aaaannnnd it looks like I'm going that way now, "Okay, cool! I'm on it!" It's that simple. Not sure why its taken me this long..

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