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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Secret to Writing

Writing is a form of telling secrets. We reach into the depths of our hearts and souls, and reveal ourselves in various forms to select audiences. Whether its a character we create and identify with, an experience we want to tell of or understand, or a belief we decide to turn into a long-winded message, we are horrible at keeping these things pent up inside, and in one way or another, the cat eventually does get out of the bag.

I've always struggled with personal essays and memoir writing, because frankly it is as self-indulgent as blogging or Facebook. To assume that anyone cares what you have to say, what you have done, or are currently doing, is vanity at its finest. But to these forums' credit, more ways to express the human condition, is hopefully just a new evolution in culture and the creative arts, and a step toward a more innovative society as a whole. More communication can be a good thing, there just needs to be a balance between information-overload and "The Puritan-hangover" (A time when we didn't share or express anything).

Every once in a blue moon, I have a story inside me that I have been keeping to myself. It could be out of fear of consequence or retaliation, I don't pick up the pen so quickly. Sometimes its just simply, because I am still trying to understand what it all means. Even when its burning to come out, I have to have restraint and patience to know when the right time does come, if ever it does, I am ready and prepared to tell-all. Honesty is key here,since you will never feel completely statisfied with the bits and pieces or a falsified story. But when the floodgates are opened, and there is no turning back, what other choice do you have than to push forward and write the best damn version you can?

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