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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Live Free.

This is definitely an inspiring story, but I felt it should stand alone rather than be buried on one of my tabbed pages. Enter Forest Wood: In those calm hours of barkeeping when travelers from the North Country (Montreal & Quebec), parts of Europe, and upstate New York accidently stumble upon our restaurant, after a boat tour or day of shopping, I make conversation with the non-locals as they wait for their lobsters or fish-and-chip's platters, curious of where they are from and what brings them to town. On this particularly evening, a lumberjack-size of a man with full, camping equipment and a GPS hanging from one strap of his backpack, sporting a Veteran's service hat, silver-rimmed glasses, and a infectious smile enters through our swinging, nautical doors. Instantly, I take him as someone who needs to set the weight of his pack down, and enjoy some comfort food and a couple of cold ones.

Come to find out, Forest has been on the road since May, starting in his hometown of Seattle, Washington and walking across the United States. A retired naval officer, he worked on submarines for almost half his life, and part of the joy of this trip for him is to meet and see the faces of all his fellow countrymen and women. His intinerary is most impressive and I have subscribed to his Facebook page where he checks in at many of his locations, raving about the food or exilirated by a new sight. His words are touching and make me realize the odyssey that is the human spirit, and how much great acts can enliven others to dream big.

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