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Saturday, July 21, 2012

putting it out into the world.

photo : national geographic
The Kink's, "Summertime" just came on and it is an eery arrangement for the mood I'm in. This latest tragedy in Colorado, puts a multitude of things in perspective for me. I am both saddened and disgusted for and by my fellow mankind (and womankind). It seems as if not enough months or years can pass before we are witnessing another horrific event. There is no time to heal--to let victims and their families move on--when another reminder presents itself, admonishing us that perhaps we have become too trusting, too angry, too inhumane. I too question the capabilities of others, not necessarily how great they can become or how much they can achieve, but what will that trigger point be where they'll snap--unleashing all the pain and turmoil they have been keeping inside, all at the mercy of the innocent; the unsuspecting. What makes a person go this far? How do we live among others without always being suspicious? The pedophiles, the murderers, the thieves-- they don't go away. They will always exist, and if its not a blatant act of brutality, it is methodical, provoked, secretly executed; never seeing the light of justice.
I do not have children, (honestly the thought of it scares the hell out of me), but I give so much credit to those who have decided to. I watch my friends and old acquaintances (in this Facebook-age), hold their babies so close, with so much joy in their being, so much hope in giving their kids good, safe upbringings. I alone, have to watch my steps and actions every day, whether it is just stepping off the curb and walking across the street, or interacting with a complete stranger. These are the days we live in. We take chances often, consciously and unconsciously. We probably have more faith than we should. Being white, American-born, English-speaking, I am very much aware of the "bubble" in which I'm part of. I also have first-hand experience with violence--thankful each day to have survived--more than just survived, flourished-- turning my life into something worth fighting for; that I would never take for granted or throw away on poor decision-making or judgments.
There is the school of thought that the lessons are everywhere; in everything we do and experience. There is also the belief that everything is random, uncontrollable, a constant flip of a coin or roll of the dice, where all we can do is pray for that thing we call "luck". No matter what one chooses to believe, we need to remember that we are in this together; no matter of race, our creed, our religion. What we decide to put out into the world--our energy, our offspring, our teachings--it affects us all.

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