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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I don't know how many creative people intentionally set out to make art that is iconic, though I think there is ever-present in artists an internal desire to resonate, no matter what scale or medium they choose to work with.  Writers may set out to write the next best American novel, while painters strive for the avant garde. And photographers hope to document history being made, while musicians want that hit.

However, can being too aware of one's intentions, actually be a hindrance? When one is so hyper-actively focused on "making it", does something become lost from the original vision? And does knowing exactly what you are looking to do, particularly in the realm of artistic expression, allow for those inspirational surprises?

It's like working in a darkroom, in more ways than one. First, you are most likely crafting blindly (you may think you know what you know, but you don't--at least not until you find an absolute end---if such a thing actually exists). Most of the time we settle, convincing ourselves we have achieved finality, when really we have either grown beyond, or have become tired of what we first set out to do. I don't buy the piece that people truly accomplish exactly what they envision for themselves. Life is not that cut and dry, and our paths are not that clear and determined.

Secondly, staying open to what I call those little "surprises" without so much expectation, can present other fresh perspectives not dreamt of before--the happening organically experience, waiting to sneak up on you.

I thought this short video/interview encapsulates this essence well, of what lies at the heart of being an artist:

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