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Thursday, February 28, 2013

new tools.

I know people who swear by using voice recorders for brainstorming and working through the creative process with. I picked one up today, hoping this may help me with some of my organization, and also so I can have it on hand when the opportunity arises for certain conversations and interviews. After all, I'm always looking for that next little piece of inspiration to cross my path, and
how many times have I wished I could remember exactly what was said, among myself and certain interesting friends or acquaintances--how many of these interactions actually end up being stories later..
I'm fascinated by what people have to say, and how we are always expressing ourselves on some level or another. I've also taken to a newfound interest in documentary studies. As an undergrad, I produced a small film about land management for an environmental sociology course, that later became a teaching tool. I am hoping to try to combine my love for the visual and my love of words again, sometime soon, in the not so distant future.

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