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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

spring cleaning.

Dear Readers:
So, for those of you who having been following Living in Frames since the early days, you have seen the many incarnations of this site. Yesterday and today, I've spent quite some time trying to reorganize and reconfigure all these years of sporadic thoughts and visuals. And yes, I actually deleted some of the posts which I felt were irrelevant to the times.
What you will notice is:
  • There are NEW tabs below the LIF main heading. I have also enlarged all the photographs in my portfolio, and have added a whole separate page for my poetry.
  • I have eliminated all the links on the front page, and you can now locate them on my about. tab and publications. tab.
  • The biggest feat however, was adding meta tags to all my blogs. This was tedious as hell, but well worth the time. Now instead of doing a manual search (without knowing exactly what you are looking for), you can just click on one of the various topics on the right-hand-side and it will plop you down with a bunch of entries that are related. I've done my best to label the last five years, but if you notice that there are any entries that should have better-suited tags, please just drop me a line and let me know. My whole aim is to make LIF interesting and easy to navigate, so I want to hear from you.
And I hope you continue to enjoy reading LIF as much as I enjoy producing it.
Thanks for following!
Sarah E. Caouette

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