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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

published in the citron review.

Oh how I love morning surprises! Especially when they appear in my inbox in the form of a letter from the editor, saying they have just published one of my flash fiction pieces in their Spring Edition!
Before I provide you with the link, I would like to say this first:  this style of writing is all new to me, and that is, writing with a grittier voice about topics that are a little more risque. It all began back last year, when my writer's group up here in Portland had read some chapters from my first novel-length manuscript. The consensus had been: they loved the lyrical, poetic prose, however they felt that I danced too much around what's "real" about relationships, and well, sex too.
So, needless to say, I made a stab at writing in different voices, with all sorts of different characters getting worked into the mix. The result being: a series of short pieces (60 pages worth of raw material), and the beginnings of a second novel.
The thematic thread between the stories is the concept of a moral vaccuum; a place (or state of mind) in which these various characters reside, hashing out their inner-dilemmas about what is "right" and what is "wrong", the secrets they keep, and how they rationalize and accept certain circumstances in their lives.
The challenge has come with the subject matter, as I will always be a romantic at heart. But I think it is good to step outside the box every now and then, test the waters, and see what comes from taking a risk.
I hope you enjoy the reading "Chakras of the Throat":
*****Many thanks to The Citron Review and its editors for taking a chance on this piece. And to Darren Cormier (author of A Little Soul,, Sean Connell, and Charlie Marenghi for being great cheerleaders for my haphazard stories.

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