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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I won't bore you with the details involving this last month's break from LIF.  The long and short of it: I moved. Got settled in. And now I'm undergoing the usual adjustments of adopting a different environment and routine. The beauty of relocating, I think. A new energy and enthusiasm pairs nicely with change, if I do say so myself.
I've dove head first into another manuscript. There is something rather enthralling about researching the basis for which I will develop these stories. Three stories to be exact, tangled together as the characters understand where they come from and choose or not choose to stay connected with their roots.
Roots have been a theme lately. Perhaps, because I find myself physically moving further and further away from the place where I was born or grew up, and yet I notice that I feel more connected to "that place" by attempting to make sense of how it has shaped me as a part of society, and as an individual.
And I don't feel alone in this. There seems to be a resurgence in the arts and the desires of people to tap into the places from where they come from--- their history, their lineage. Americana not just as some folk story to pass down to the future generations, but a true identification with the duality of being both "part of", as well as, a self-aware individualistic human being.
“The places where water comes together with other water. Those places stand out in my mind like holy places.” - ray carver

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